Do You Cope?

Have you heard this term before? "Coping skills"

Chances are you have and if you haven't, well now you have, which is a good thing!

Often times are so caught up with wanting everything to go a certain way that we become overwhelmed with life. Not to mention life is known for having obstacles. And, to top it off, depression, anxiety, and stress cause life to be more challenging than need be. Whether it's with your relationships, work, health, or self-image, life can get a bit out of hand for all of us. But what is the difference between the person who is managing their life better than the person who seems to be tripping all over the place? Time and again its one's ability to cope - there's that word again. To cope means "to deal effectively with something difficult". 

Therapy for Coping

Therapy is known for giving people the tools they need in order to cope in life. If you are looking to build coping skills and add some tools to your tool box for life - look no further! You need coping skills, I need coping skills, we all need coping skills! 

Coping skills can include particular ways of socializing, exercising, building communication skills, using mindfulness, etc... The list is long. But, certain coping skills work for one person and not another. Or, sometimes, coping skills that used to work, work no longer and need some creative tweaking. That is why going to therapy and working with a Counselor is so beneficial; together we figure out what coping skills are best fitting for YOU! 

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Written by: Katie Sandler, MS