Chronic and acute medical conditions

Physical health and illness play a tremendous roll in daily functioning and overall well-being and happiness. Did you know that more people suffer from chronic pain than cancer, diabetes, and heart disease combined? Or, what about, more than one-third of people enduring chronic pain and medical conditions also suffer from depression? 

When you are dealing with a medical condition whether it be an acute or chronic illness, acute or chronic pain, or poor body functioning, life becomes difficult to manage day-to-day. Physical health issues tend to interfere with work, relationships, and family; most importantly physical health issues affect our minds and can lead to stress, demoralization, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, the process of obtaining the correct medical help (finding a good doctor, therapist, or whatever the need may be) is frustrating and typically leads to self-neglect which in turn can exacerbate a medical problem.

At Integrative Therapy: Mind Body Healing, let me help you and your loved ones cope with such difficulties, help you increase your quality of life, and as assist with finding the best fitting resources for your health concerns. Often times, things "go wrong" with our health and we spend time traveling from doctor to doctor with no real answers. Having someone on your side to assist you through the process can ease the stress and discouraging and hopeless feelings of not knowing what is wrong or how to help yourself get better. 

Psychoeducation and a multidisciplinary approach are key factors in coping with acute and chronic medical conditions and pain and increasing quality of life and happiness. Whatever the medical condition is, whether its something familiar such as chronic pain or something rare like transverse myelitis, my medical background allows me the knowledge to help you cope no matter what the case may be. 

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