Life & Health Coaching

  • Lower stress
  • Healthy = Happy
  • Eat better 
  • Live better
  • Be better

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Assessing the Whole Person

Life & Health Coaching services at Integrative Therapy start with a holistic assessment of the physical, social (relationships), occupational, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental aspects of your life. Only by identifying how you are managing in all of these areas can we properly assess your overall quality of life and personal care.

Creating a Plan of Action

After a comprehensive review of those seven aspects of your life, including your unique challenges, we work with you to create a plan to enhance your well-being. We empower you to make positive changes in many areas in order to create harmony in the seven areas of life. These changes may include better nutrition, fitness, self-care, life planning, relationship support, and a overall healthy way of living.

Providing Hope for All Challenges

Katie Sandler, MS, is trained to provide enhanced care for a broad spectrum of barriers to wellness. Our clients are living stress, typical life issues, anxiety, depression, past trauma, chronic illness or physical pain, or a combination of any number of special challenges. Working on a one-to-one basis, we can help you acknowledge and address these challenges through a holistic approach to wellness.

Mind-Body Connection

Integrative Therapy Life & Health Coaching offers a full range of services based on the integration between your mental and physical well-being. Using trusted techniques in a supportive therapeutic environment, we can offer solace and a plan of action that leads to better health.

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