Integrative Therapy: Mind Body Healing provides specialized therapeutic counseling services for a variety of issues.

So, why should you come to therapy? Because the rewards are invaluable!

What To Expect:

I hope to make you feel comfortable and safe in a nonjudgemental and stigma free environment. We will discuss what you are looking to gain from your therapeutic experience and we will begin our journey together towards a healthier and happier you. 

  • Going through a very difficult time in life?
  • Feeling stuck?
  • Looking for clarity and support?
  • Worrying about the same things over and over?
  • Never feel fully rested or difficulty sleeping?
  • In need of medical advice or assistance coping with a chronic medical condition such as migraines, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis?
  • Do you get easily emotional, more so than usual?
  • Experienced a disturbing and distressing event that's still with you every day?
  • Do your relationships seem to be having issues?
  •  Wondering what your purpose in life is?
  • Trying to eat healthier and exercise more?
  • Maybe you are looking for profound and meaningful change?
  • Perhaps you are searching for personal growth.

Regardless of what brought you here today, taking the steps in seeking therapeutic counseling is an amazing decision in life. I am here to answer any questions and to help lessen the stress or anxiety that you might be feeling about the counseling process and in life. 

You are one step closer to achieving a better quality of life. If you choose Integrative Therapy: Mind Body Healing, I am honored and eager to work with you.

I encourage you to look through the website at the various services and counseling methods that I provide, such as Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and EMDR, and the type of issues which I address such as coping with Chronic Pain, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Medical Conditions, Trauma, Relationship Difficulties and Eating Disorders . I am glad you are here today. 

During our first session together we will spend some time reviewing the confidentiality agreement and informed consent documents. For more information on these two documents , please visit confidentiality agreement and informed consent

**I do not accept insurance. Payment will be discussed during our phone consultation and/or first session. Prices range between $90-$155.

I think it is extremely important to note that the counseling experience is not always "easy" and can take some time to achieve your desired results. I do not say this to scare you, I say it in order to be realistic and for you to be prepared. Counseling takes a lot of work on your part and on my part, but I am here to help you. At first, because we are "stirring the pot" things can seem to get worse or more difficult before they get better. I also understand each of us are unique. That is why I create treatment plans that are tailored for your needs in order to have the most successful outcome.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you, help yourself!